Dear Sisters and Brothers:

Due to the ongoing concerns with the Corona Virus, today’s actions by the Governor, and the recommendations from the Health Department, I am ordering that all Eastern Star events and meetings be suspended until the end of April. Ron and I want to keep all of our Sisters and Brothers safe during this time. We are available to you by telephone or email if you need anything.


Denise L. Shippee, W.G.M.

Ronald D. Ayers, W.G.P.




Kathryn A. Newman, P.G.M..             (21)      3 Year
*Richard J. Therrien, P.G.P.               (15)      2 Years 
Crystal M. Bradshaw, P.G.M.             (15)      1 Year

Finance and Investment:
*Deborah L. Therrien, P.G.M.             (15) 3 Years
Joyce Meleleu                                        (3) 2 Years
Robert A. Kane                                      (15) 2 Years
Deborah Hopkins                                 (15) 1 Year
Barbara M. Morrison, P.G.M.             (18) 1 Year

Grand Chapter Session:
Beverly J. Allen, P.G.M.               (21) 3 Years
Richard J. Therrien, P.G.P.         (15) 3 Years
Kathleen DiPrete                        (15) 2 Years
JoAnn G. Sugden, P.G.M.           (3) 2 Years
*Shirley E.G. Ayers, P.G.M.        (3) 1 Year
Barbara A. Page, P.G.M.            (15) 1 Year

Fraternal Relations and Correspondence:
*Kimberly R. Harrison, P.G.M.         (21) 3 Years
Deborah L. Therrien, P.G.M.            (15) 2 Year
Michael Amaral, P.P.                         (21) 1 Year

S. Penrose Williams:
*Edith L. Johnson, P.G.M.                       (15)          2 Years
Claudia A. Horton, P.G.M.                      (18)          1Year
Denise M. Shippee, W.G.M.                   (15)
Ronald D. Ayers, P.G.P., W.G.P.             (3)
Kathryn A. Newman, P.G.M.,G.Sec.       (21)

Education and ESTARL:
*Shirley E.G. Ayers, P.G.M.                     (3) 3 Years
Ellen Hefler                                               (15) 3 Years
Dawn Mitchell-Winters, P.M.                 (9) 2 Years
JoAnn G. Sugden, P.G.M.                        (3) 2 Years
Kimberly R. Harrison, P.G.M.                 (21) 1 Year
*Sandra Bobola                                       (3) 1 Year

Membership and Publicity:
Deanna Gillis, P.M.                                   (RP)  3 Years
Shirley Lawson, P.M.                               (18) 3 Years
Brenda MacDonald, P.M.                       (3) 2 Years
*Barbara A. Page, P.G.M.                       (15) 2 Years
Beverly J. Allen, P.G.M..                          (21) 2 Years
Hope Mitchell, P.M.                                (9) 1 Year

Ruby Nicholson, PM                           (15)

*Denotes Chairman