Dear Sisters and Brothers:

Due to the ongoing concerns with the Corona Virus, today’s actions by the Governor, and the recommendations from the Health Department, I am ordering that all Eastern Star events and meetings be suspended until further noticeClick Here For The Check In Letter from the W.G.M & W.G.P


Denise L. Shippee, W.G.M.
Ronald D. Ayers, W.G.P.

Important Scholarship Notice:

Due to the present constraints imposed by the Covid-19 virus the deadline to file an application for a scholarship has been extended to June 1, 2020. The committee will accept the last available transcript as part of the application package. The fundraiser and awards dinner are postponed to a time and date to be announced. If need be, all checks will be mailed.




Kathryn A. Newman, P.G.M..             (21)      3 Year
*Richard J. Therrien, P.G.P.               (15)      2 Years 
Crystal M. Bradshaw, P.G.M.             (15)      1 Year

Finance and Investment:
*Deborah L. Therrien, P.G.M.             (15) 3 Years
Joyce Meleleu                                        (3) 2 Years
Robert A. Kane                                      (15) 2 Years
Deborah Hopkins                                 (15) 1 Year
Barbara M. Morrison, P.G.M.             (18) 1 Year

Grand Chapter Session:
Beverly J. Allen, P.G.M.               (21) 3 Years
Richard J. Therrien, P.G.P.         (15) 3 Years
Kathleen DiPrete                        (15) 2 Years
JoAnn G. Sugden, P.G.M.           (3) 2 Years
*Shirley E.G. Ayers, P.G.M.        (3) 1 Year
Barbara A. Page, P.G.M.            (15) 1 Year

Fraternal Relations and Correspondence:
*Kimberly R. Harrison, P.G.M.         (21) 3 Years
Deborah L. Therrien, P.G.M.            (15) 2 Year
Michael Amaral, P.P.                         (21) 1 Year

S. Penrose Williams:
*Edith L. Johnson, P.G.M.                       (15)          2 Years
Claudia A. Horton, P.G.M.                      (18)          1Year
Denise M. Shippee, W.G.M.                   (15)
Ronald D. Ayers, P.G.P., W.G.P.             (3)
Kathryn A. Newman, P.G.M.,G.Sec.       (21)

Education and ESTARL:
*Shirley E.G. Ayers, P.G.M.                     (3) 3 Years
Ellen Hefler                                               (15) 3 Years
Dawn Mitchell-Winters, P.M.                 (9) 2 Years
JoAnn G. Sugden, P.G.M.                        (3) 2 Years
Kimberly R. Harrison, P.G.M.                 (21) 1 Year
*Sandra Bobola                                       (3) 1 Year

Membership and Publicity:
Deanna Gillis, P.M.                                   (RP)  3 Years
Shirley Lawson, P.M.                               (18) 3 Years
Brenda MacDonald, P.M.                       (3) 2 Years
*Barbara A. Page, P.G.M.                       (15) 2 Years
Beverly J. Allen, P.G.M..                          (21) 2 Years
Hope Mitchell, P.M.                                (9) 1 Year

Ruby Nicholson, PM                           (15)

*Denotes Chairman