Dear Sisters and Brothers:

In lieu of the continued Covid-19 pandemic, it is in an abundance of caution for our members health and well-being that the decision to postpone the Annual Grand Chapter Session scheduled for October 2020. The Grand Officers will remain in their stations until October 2021 when we hope to be able to hold a safe Session. Please read the letter from our Worthy Grand Matron and Worthy Grand Patron and one from our Most Worthy Grand Matron.  Click Here For The Check In Letter from the W.G.M & W.G.P | Click Here for the letter from the M.W.G.M


Denise L. Shippee, W.G.M.
Ronald D. Ayers, W.G.P.

Grand Officers 2019-2020



Denise Shippee Associate Grand Matron No 4
  Worthy Grand Matron-Denise L. Shippee (15) (Scott)


Ronald Ayers Grand Patron General Grand Chapter Committee Member No 5
Worthy Grand Patron - Ronald D. Ayers, GGCCM, P.G.P. (3)


Cindy Lou Silva Grand Conductress No 8
Associate Grand Matron - Cindy-Lou Silva (15) (Donald)
agp Keith Moan
Associate Grand Patron - Keith Moan (15) (Donna)


Kathryn Newman PGM Grand Secretary Grand Secretary Emeritus No 6

Grand Secretary- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


David Ogilvie Grand Treasurer No 7
Grand Treasurer - David Ogilvie (Eunice) (15)


Jennifer Ellis Associate Grand Conductress No 8

Grand Conductress - Jennifer Ellis (15) (Christopher)


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Associate Grand Conductress -


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Grand Chaplain-Ronald D. Newman, P.G.P. (21) (Kathryn)


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Grand Marshal- Shirley E.G. Ayers, P.G.M. (3) (Ronald)


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Grand Organist-Deborah L. Therrien, P.G.P. (15) (Richard)


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Grand Adah- Joyce P. Meleleu (3) (George)


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Grand Ruth - Vicki Lopes (9) (Chris)


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Grand Esther - Barbara A. Page, P.G.M. (15) 


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Grand Martha - Deanna Gillis (RP) (Bill)


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Grand Electa - Deare Warren (18) (Maurice)


Debra Sherpey
Grand Warder - Debra C. Sherpey (15)


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Grand Sentinel - John (Trey) A. Lawson, III (18) (Jennifer)
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Eunice Ogilvie, General Grand Chapter Appointment, Campfire Friend

Grand Secretary Emeritus
Mrs. Kathryn A. Newman, P.G.M.           (21)
Mr. Robert A. Kane, P.G.P.                       (15)
Grand Treasurer Emeritus
Ms. Marianne H. Salisbury, P.G.M.          (15)
Mr. Raymond C. Macomber, Jr., P.G.P.   (21)
Grand Warder Emeritus
Dorothy M. Blanchard                               (21)
General Grand Chapter Committee Members
Ronald D. Ayers, G.G.C.C.M., Ritual, P.G.P.                                (3)
Crystal C. Bradshaw, GGCCM, Seeing Eye Dogs, P.G.M.        (15)
Eunice M. Ogilvie, Campfire Friend                                           (15)